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English Fanfiction (英文《琅琊榜》同人)


Luohanguo ( Oneshot) 

Category: M/M
Fandom: 琅琊榜
Relationship: 殊琰
Language: English

The silly water ox falls sick after studying too much, but Xiao Shu's here to take care of him.

[AO3 Luohanguo]

//Shameless fluff drabble//

"The master said," said Jingyan.

The prince lifted a hand to rub away his blurry vision, wondering how on earth could his fingers be so cold when the rest of his body burned like a volcano. He struggled to make out the next word as violent tremors took hold of his whole body, shaking him so hard he crumbled the edge of the book.

One second his body was burning and the next, it was freezing. It didn't make sense!

His nose was stuffed and if his throat wasn't so raw and inflamed that air could irritate it, he might try to breathe through his mouth. Fluid rattled in his chest with every breath he took and Jingyan weakly swallowed, trying to rid his itchy throat of the phlegm. Vehemently, he tried again, smoothing out the book to read, "The master said..."

"The master said, 'To make a mistake and not correct it: this is a real mistake,'" came a cheerful voice from the door. Xiao Shu walked in, carrying a tray with a bowl. He kicked the door shut behind him after he entered. "Who studies while they are sick when they fell sick because they studied too much!"

"Xiao Shu," said Jingyan, voice thick and garbled.

He tried to sit up some more and that proved to be a horrible move when the blanket fell off his shoulder and the rush of cool air instantly made him a victim of harsh, hacking coughing. He curled into himself, trying not to cough because the action ripped at his already raw throat. Then, not coughing left his throat clogged and itchy and Jingyan had to cough anyway.

"You really are in a bad shape," said Xiao Shu. He quickly placed the tray with a hot, syrupy, arhat drink on the table near the bed and tugged the cotton blanket around Jingyan's shoulders again. With a quick swipe, he pulled the book out of Jingyan's hand and tossed it to the side. Xiao Shu patted Jingyan's back several times, purposeful, long strokes that seemed to help with the coughing.

Then, his arms wrapped tightly around the weakly shivering body of the other boy. Xiao Shu knew Jingyan was really sick when the other didn't make any awkward sounds and only nuzzled the side of his neck. With something of a smirk, he kissed the top of Jingyan's hair and rested his lips there, feeling Jingyan burrow into his arms as another chill took over his body.

The warmth that radiated from the other's body was heaven sent and Jingyan reached a hand out of the blanket cocoon to clutch a fistful of Xiao Shu's shirt. His head pounded with migraine and resting the side of his head on the security of Xiao Shu's chest stilled the notion that his head was going to explode any second. Still, he was a little worried, "Maybe you shouldn't get so close, you might get sick."

"I've never gotten sick for more than two days in my life," snickered Xiao Shu. He cuddled Jingyan some more, indulging in Jingyan's complete lack of protest and the cute, needy attempts to snuggle closer. Gently, he ran his fingertips down the side of Jingyan's face, brushing strands of sweat-soaked hair out of his flushed cheeks. "Don't worry about anything, hmm? Don't talk, just let me take care of you."

Jingyan nodded, the next words he tried to speak coming out as a faint whimper of protest when Xiao Shu attempted to draw away to pick up the bowl.  The loss of support was unbearable in his current state and he had no idea how he managed before Xiao Shu arrived. Xiao Shu grinned, returning to cradle Jingyan in his arms immediately. "I didn't know you would miss me that quickly."

Jingyan attempted to glare at him, but the look came out as something between a pout and snivel. He was beginning to feel embarrassed. With all his strength, he gave his head two shakes and Xiao Shu teased him, loosening his embrace, " No? No, you don't want me here? I should leave then."    

Xiao Shu wasn't sure if it was something the sickness did, but Jingyan's eyes suddenly looked wide with unshed tears. The other's unfocused eyes stared back at him, glimmering with fever and misery. Heart melting, Xia Shu leaned in and left a few butterfly kisses on Jingyan's cheek, "You silly water ox, how can I ever leave?"

Once again clutched tightly in Xiao Shu's arms, Jingyan felt tired and he wanted to sleep. His body's volatile temperature made sleeping a literal nightmare, but everything felt more constant when he was held like this. Breathing was easier and it didn't take a world's worth of effort to draw in a sliver of air. Xiao Shu made himself comfortable against the headboard of the bed and Jingyan followed the suit, tucking himself in against Xiao Shu's chest. 

Lulled by the beat of Xiao Shu's heart, he drifted back to unconsciousness as the lonely bowl of arhat syrup cooled on the side.



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