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出自于这个雕像。我觉得很夸张,很搞笑,就照着画了个 Drama Queen 梅宗柱。xD

sorry not sorry. 

性转推荐 . Genderbend reclist

在 Tumblr 上列了个性转推荐表,好给朋友分享一下, 因为最近看性转看的高兴。 <3<3<3 还在 twitter 上找到不少韩姑娘们画的七公主,太开心了!

EDIT: 没有分别苏靖-靖苏格式,两反面都包括,很杂乱。在意的网友们要注意!!!


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当靖苏/睿津在放闪光弹的时候,列战英/谢弼 或成最大输家(。←这样的脑洞




This is a transcript of the convo that happened with Kaolinite when I shared this art with her today. 

N: This kind of looks like a photoshoot for like Young Royals of Liang magazine or smtg though.

Y: NiHuang is their producer, MengZhi is their photographer, Yujin is their PR and JingRui is another model.

N: Haha JingRui is a very distracted model who ends up fetching tea for everyone

Y: xD Haha He is too busy staring at YuJin to model properly so MengZhi learns to handcuff Yujin to himself during shoots.


    MengZhi: Too Bad. 

Y: NiHuang gives up and finds clothes YuJin can wear and puts them both in front of the camera. The fans love it and they gain a pairing name overnight and tons of gifs of them making cow eyes at each other. 

N: I feel like JingRui only discovered how he felt about YuJin bc he saw the photos and went "...That's how I look?" Or is that JingYan? Or did LinShu look at photos of Jingyan and realize it was mutual? Whatever happens, they are all idiots and NiHuang wins a zillion bucks off MengZhi. 

Y: I think it's JingYan who panics when he sees his own besotted face and goes to NiHuang all "Please let us redo this shoot!" and NiHuang going "Are you kidding? Have you SEEN LinShu's face?" Before JingYan takes a closer look and realizes they are both idiots. 

N: Yes I like this headcanon.

Y: Cue them making out in the dressing room closet and Xie Bi being Very Upset that his carefully selected wardrobe is getting ruined! Dammit LinShu and JingYan gege!! 

N: Oh is he their costumer? I was going for a full on modern day royalty AU. But the model Au is soo much fun.

Y: MuQing comes to visit his sister on set and is sent to fetch the goobers from the dressing room. Poor child knows nothing so he innocently opens the door without knocking and is scarred for life. 

N: Maybe it's an initiation thing. If you haven't seen them making out, you're not part of the team. 

Y: It tests their resilience. NiHuang also scales their salary on how straightfaced they remain. So far ZhanYing and ZhenPing are the front runners.

N: That means ZhanYing has the highest.

Y:  I mean, he has been JingYan's agent for years, he has seen the pining and the crying up close,

N: Haha He's the one with the tylenol and the donuts in the morning. Same with NiHuang and LinShu I think. LinShu is one of those annoying can-do-everything wunderkinds. NiHuang only signed him because she's known him since they were in diapers and has a looot of blackmail material on him. 

Y: Haha The cute girl at the pharmacy started flirting with ZhanYing once she figured out that he's picking stuff up for his boss and ot his wife. "There's not really a difference." He tells her. 

N: I'll drink to that, she replies. It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

Y: She jokingly creates a display for the mags with LinShu/JingYan on the front page when they come out. They sell like hotcakes and she is promoted. 

Zhanying starts bringing more donuts to JingYan, to his puzzlement. "My girlfriend says it's he least she can offer since you are making her soo much money." he adds. 

JingYan: ?????????!?????????

N: LinShu hears about this and wants a cut of the donuts. ZhanYing refuses on principle, and then NiHuang comes in to yell at him about his diet, etc. 

LinShu: My body is naturally beautiful.

ZhanYing: It really is. 

NiHuang:I know but I can't let him have the satisfaction. 

When YuJin gets eaten by the press machine, she (ZY's gf) quits her job and becomes their full time PR person. 








这张图和云露天青太太的Samsara好配呀(。ò ∀ ó。)【图源见水印

Yes cat, we all want to be there, trust me. 













只有委屈你了啊合鸟主,20楼的楼梯你慢慢爬: )